Jump Offers Lockout Burger and Contest

There are some positives to come out of the NHL lockout. O&B make game night fun with their promotion and contest at Jump Restaurant for what has been named the “Lockout Burger.” Their famous Beef and Short Rib burger will be served at half price ($10.75, excluding tax) on Leafs home game nights during dinnertime. 

The restaurant will also run a Twitter contest, giving away a Lockout Burger on every home game night for the rest of the regular season to one lucky winner. All hungry participants have to do is tweet a photo of their Lockout Burger with the hashtag #lockoutburger and they will be entered into the draw.

Located in the heart of financial district, Jump has been a convenient favourite for post-work drinks among the YP financial set but also a top restaurant in the city, known for its culinary delights signature of the Oliver and Bonacini brand. It’s famous Beef and Short Rib burger is made with aged cheddar, truffle mayonnaise and dill pickle relish.  

Hurry in to Jump, the promo only lasts as long as the lockout does!