Irish Heather Invites Guests to Get Pitting This Summer

One of our long-time favourite Gastown spots to nosh, The Irish Heather, recently revamped its much-loved long table dining experience for summer to include a few of BC’s sweetest seasonal gems.

Given this year’s incredible crop of stone fruit, the Irish Heather’s culinary team decided to start things off by incorporating cherries into a multitude of delectable dishes, charcuterie offerings, accompaniments, desserts and more. With that decision comes the need for some serious pitting assistance. Enter: Pit For Your Supper

Launching last week and set to go on through until September, diners can opt to roll up their sleeves and get a bit dirty as they voluntarily help pit for their meal while sharing stories and doing a little notable networking on the side. 


Pit For Your Supper brings together approximately 50 volunteers each Wednesday at 7pm who are keen on claiming a seat along the 40-foot table to partake in the pitting of 2,000 pounds of cherries (and as the season progresses, other fruit such as peaches, apricots, pears and apples).  Sound juicy? It gets better; volunteer pitting participants automatically score a free, multi-course meal and specialty beer courtesy of Victoria’s Driftwood Fat Tug IPA

On the post-pitting menu: fried green onion polenta with white bean, garlic puree served with a zucchini salad (vegetarian) and, for carnivorous folk, feast on spicy pork loin and a variety of summer salads like tangy coleslaw and potato salad. Topping all of it off, volunteers will be sent packing with a bag of fresh cherries.

To reserve yourself a voluntary pitting spot for this Wednesday’s dinner, email and visit the Irish Heather for more details.