Instagram Launches New App That Lets You Create Awesome Collages

Chances are your Instagram game is so evolved by now that uploading a photo has become at least a four-app production. 

Camera, VSCO Cam, Whitagram, Instagram… you know how it goes. 

And soon, you’ll probably add one more to that list, as Instagram launched its most recent stand-alone appyesterday. It’s called Layout, and allows you to combine multiple photos into one square in a variety of configurations. The app automatically shows you previews of custom layouts when you open it, after which you can re-arrange, zoom, adjust, flip, rotate and mirror your masterpieces to your heart’s content.

Other collage apps exist, of course, but Layout is by far the most user-friendly and comes with added features like Faces and Photo Booth.

We suggest you take it for a spin before we give away all the fun. 


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