There’s Now a Preschool For Adults in Brooklyn (Obviously)

Who says you need kids to hit a preschool?

Or say, humility?

This is likely the trippiest thing you’ll experience outside of Burning Man. Our friends in New York have opened up a preschool that’s entirely dedicated to…adults? 

Preschool Mastermind is a full day complete with snacks, naptime, dress-up, show-and-tell, games, and finger painting.

You know, all of life’s simple pleasures that you spent your toddler years soaking up only geared to weird adults who aren’t half as funny as Billy Madison.   

Perks include things like glitter glue, class picture day, and field trips – which we’re guessing even come with handholding.
Run by media personality Michelle Joni, young professionals (or anyone, really) can sign up for the month-long course, where they’ll rediscover life’s basics. Classes run once a week (so you won’t have to quit your job to go back to school). 

This means concepts of sharing, friendship, playfulness, and maintaining that inner child sense of wonder. 

If you’re in need of a refresher, a visit back to preschool will could set you back around $1000 USD. The rates are on a sliding scale that ranges from $333-$999 USD.

The good news is if peeing your pants is cool, consider us Miles Davis


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