How to Volunteer in Calgary This Holiday Season

Let’s face it: young professionals (YPs) in Calgary have it pretty good.

Even in sub-arctic temperatures this month, we still manage to stay safe, warm, well fed, and are usually lucky enough to find ourselves in good company.

Now that we’ve agreed on that, let’s agree on something else: ‘tis the season to share the wealth.

While you may not feel like you have a whole lot of monetary wealth to spread around, what you do have – no matter how busy your career – is the gift of time.

And we’re even going to help save you some of that by filling you in on some worthwhile volunteer opportunities to get involved with this season.

Short-Term Suggestions

Calgary John Howard Society – Raising the Roof Campaign
While the issue of homelessness in Calgary may have complex roots, making a dent in its eradication can actually be simple. Between December and February, The Calgary John Howard Society is partnering with Servants Anonymous to raise funds and awareness for the issue simply by selling toques. They’re looking for strategic, energetic volunteers to get the campaign rolling, so if that’s you (and we bet it is), get in touch and get on board.

Getting involved with the Calgary Food Bank doesn’t necessarily mean sorting canned food. What they’re really looking for this season is a passionate group of special event volunteers to help out between now and Christmas Eve. This could be a great group activity, or a great chance to meet some like-minded YPs while doing some good.

If time seems extra hard to come by this season but your office is downtown, gift wrapping at Bankers Hall might be your way to give back. Calgary Family Services are still looking to fill daytime shifts for the rest of the month, which could easily coincide with your lunch break. If your team hasn’t settled on a holiday teambuilding session yet, this one’s got your name on it. Check their schedule for available timeslots.

Longer-Term Suggestions

We should all be able to agree that having positive role models is one of the keys to becoming a successful YP. Recognizing this, why not consider being that mentor for youth in Calgary? There are several organizations facilitating mentor-mentee relationships both in groups and one-on-one settings, meaning there are hundreds of options for you to find your best fit. Whether it’s sports, arts, academics, or just modeling a healthy lifestyle, if you’re interested, you’ll definitely find a way to make a difference in the next generation. Check out the volunteer roles at Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary, Hull Services, Centre for Newcomers, and McMan Youth & Family Services.

Looking for an opportunity to make a long-term, global impact while simultaneously boosting your career? The investment firm, Acumen, is doing something other firms aren’t by growing a volunteer-based worldwide network committed to eradicating poverty around the globe through social enterprise and leadership development. Beyond being a valuable chance to network, volunteering with Calgary+Acumen will have you sharing and developing big ideas in an environment that has both the passion and the resources to bring them to fruition. 

And those are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Making a point of contributing to society is an essential part of succeeding in our generation. We suggest you start now.


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