The Man Behind the Bright Lights: Endeavour Neon

All of the lights. Kanye was on to something.

If there’s a key movement we’re seeing incorporated into new businesses and spaces lately, it’s the placement of names, words, phrases, and shapes glowing in neon.

From big businesses to home offices, neon signs are taking over in whole a new way.

So we caught up with Andrew Hibbs, the man behind Endeavour Neon, to learn more about how he’s bringing the once-dying art back to the forefront of our culture:

Neon signs were really popular in the past – what do your signs mean to you?  
My signs are a big part of me since I have learned this art form from my dad, David Hibbs, who had been bending neon for over 30 years. There are not too many neon benders left and not too many people learning the unique trade as it takes years to learn. I am happy to be able to continue on his legacy. The neat thing about what I do is that customers can send me a design or even there own handwriting and I bring it to life for them. It’s pretty cool seeing designs on the computer make it to the customized finished product.

How did you come to start Endeavour Neon?
Endeavour Neon started when my dad handed over the reins of the neon side of our signage company to me. The name ‘Endeavour’ came to me because it means to try hard and achieve something. With this company, that is what I strive for everyday – I love what I do.

What do you think has made neon signs so popular and trendy right now?
I really feel like neon had always been popular but only in a commercial aspect. When I was growing up and my dad was bending, he worked around the clock to finish huge jobs but never really did any smaller residential projects. I think neon has become popular now in residential projects because I feel it is a way of expression and people love that they can create a design that’s completely unique. Requests slowed down a lot when LEDs came out but people quickly realized that you couldn’t get the same look from LEDs as you can achieve with neon.

Neon signs are being customized for all kinds of spaces – businesses, homes, one-off events – why does this kind of sign work so well? 
Neon works so well because it is a light source, and you need light to create an ambience within a space. With a neon sign you are creating just that or layering a variety of lighting, but you are also creating an art piece – something that can be discussed or just be fun to look at. I have had neon signs installed in bathrooms, dining rooms, and front entrances to create that ‘wow’ aspect for guests and homeowners. The other reason why it works so well in all these different spaces and applications is because neon can be whatever you want it to be. Words, art, abstract, modern, classic, rustic – pretty much if a client can dream it  I have been able to create it. 

Do you think the neon sign movement is going to evolve? Where do you see it going? 
I have already seen neon evolve from what it was to what it is today. From the classic beer signs to now custom name signs, I feel like neon is an ever-changing movement. Now, it’s moving into the residential and design worlds. It’s no longer just in people’s basements, you can find neon signs in any room of a home and major designers are looking to neon for their spaces, too. 

What have been some of the exciting projects you have had the chance to be a part of through your signs?
I have had the privilege to work on some pretty cool larger-scale projects such as the Vogue Theatre, TELUS Gardens, Vancouver House, the Juno Awards, and a few movies and TV shows.

What’s next for Endeavour Neon?
I would definitely have to say Endeavour Neon will be evolving, I feel like just in the last year we have changed so much. I can’t wait to see what’s to come and be something so much more than just your standard beer sign. Stay tuned – there are lots of fun things coming in the next year for us!


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