Google’s Street View Trike Rolls Into Toronto

Ever wonder how Google gets its Street View shots? Not the overhead aerial ones – which are taken with satellites – but the harder-to-reach places and store fronts? On Tuesday, July 19th – that’s tomorrow for you hard-working YPs who find keeping dates straight a challenge amidst the daily grind – you’ll get a glimpse of how Google does it when the Street View Trike rolls into Yonge and Dundas Square for a brief showing.

Ever since Google released its Street View, it has been our saviour for checking out street level without having to leave the comfort of our keyboards. The Street View Trike is just part of the Google Street View fleet, which also includes the Street View Car, the uber-cool Street View Snowmobile, and the Street View Trolley – used for building interiors like museums and galleries.

Starting at 9am, Torontonians will get a glimpse at how the technology works and what goes into getting us those excellent street level panoramics. If you’re even remotely curious about how Google works its magic, you won’t want to miss the Street View Trike when it touches base for an hour on Tuesday morning, before it starts its Toronto trek to document some of the new locations and tourist attractions we’ve been hoping to find on Google maps.