Free Spirits Podcast Episode 5: LietCo Talk #VanLife

Lisa and Coleman from LietCo are here to say Hello from the other side – of #vanlife.

For this special mini series we’ve partnered with Aaron Parker of “The Lucky Few” podcast and Aguamiel Tequila to speak with courageous individuals who’ve cast off their traditional 9-5 jobs to boldly pursue what can only be defined as dream jobs. These dreamers and doers exercise skills in photography, blogging, graphic design, and digital marketing – often all within the span of a day.

Lisa and Coleman met in Toronto years ago working at the same publication. Not unhappy but wanting more from their lives they hatched a plan to build their own content company that would allow them flexibility to work wherever and whenever they wanted. They bought a 1983 Westfalia and travelled across North America for over a year and half before settling in Vancouver to continue building their content marketing empire. Aaron Parker sits with them to learn more about the incremental steps that came before the jump into becoming their own bosses.


In this episode they look back and give advice to people interested in #vanlife. Though there are those captured Instagram moments that are so absolutely perfect that they can almost make you angry with envy, #vanlife is not all butterflies and mountain-capped sunsets. Lisa and Coleman tell us about the often unspoken truths of living in a van such as wet wipe baths, the constant issue of parking, and managing a relationship when space is limited. When you become a content creator, the line blues between living in the moment and capturing it. LietCo also get real in this episode about how Instagram can be at once a curse and a blessing for living in the moment.

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