Free Spirits Podcast Episode 2: The New Girl Dar

With the right drive and mindset, a hobby can become a successful business.

For this special mini series we’ve partnered with Aaron Parker of “The Lucky Few” podcast and Aguamiel Tequila to speak with courageous individuals who’ve cast off their traditional 9-5 jobs and have instead boldly pursued what can only be defined as dream jobs. These people often exercise skills in photography, blogging, graphic design, and digital marketing – often all within the span of a day.

Our guest this week left a successful modelling career in the Phillipines to chase the “Canadian dream” halfway around the world. While waiting for her immigration papers Darlene Anderson from “The New Girl” took up photography as a hobby. What started as a creative outlet has turned into a social following of over 85 000 and a successful e-commerce business that has taken Darlene around the world.


Listen to her discuss how she went from model to influencer, and how she turned content creation into a profitable business – while staying true to her brand. Darlene also shares how you how you could win a chance to travel with her to Tahiti, but don’t snooze, the contest closes in a couple days. Tap the play button below now to listen to this week’s episode of Free Spirits.

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