Free Spirits Podcast Episode 3: Vacation Couple

One could say that Kristin and Shadi – the couple behind Vacation Couple – didn’t choose the luxury travel lifestyle, it chose them.

For this special mini series we’ve partnered with Aaron Parker of “The Lucky Few” podcast and Aguamiel Tequila to speak with courageous individuals who’ve cast off their traditional 9-5 jobs and have instead boldly pursued what can only be defined as dream jobs. These people often exercise skills in photography, blogging, graphic design, and digital marketing – often all within the span of a day.

Feeling stuck in their careers, Kristin and Shadi went on a trip in 2014 and decided to create a video recap to show their friends and family. Within 24 hours of posting their video online, the hotel they had stayed at during their trip reached out to the couple to create more paid content. In the four years since, Vacation Couple have quit their full time jobs to become full time travel reviewers, specializing in the all-inclusive luxury niche. While it might look like all they do is lounge around luxury resorts all day, Kristin and Shadi work extremely hard to capture and edit all of their own content. Their hustle is paying off, they’ve recently hitting 1 million views on a recent Youtube video they posted. Check it out:

Listen to them discuss what elements they believe are responsible for their success and how they differentiate themselves from other content producers. They also divulge the clearest sign you should look for to figure out if this isn’t the path for you.

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