F*ck New Year’s Resolutions, Says One Toronto Startup that Launched an Anti-Resolution Campaign

Have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions yet?

Nope, neither have we.

And, according to Elm – the startup that helps millennials figure out life beyond school – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Highlighting that 92 per cent of people fail at their New Year’s resolutions, the company has launched a F*ck New Year’s Resolution campaign. Basically, they are calling bullshit on temporary resolutions that are bound to fail.


The campaign challenges society to value their wellbeing year-round, not just for the month of January.

It’s designed to prevent people from feeling disappointed two weeks into 2017.

“People need to know that change can absolutely happen, but New Year’s resolutions are not the way to do this,” says the company in a press release.


“It’s that time of year again. Time to pick your first failure for the New Year,” reads the website. It instructs visitors to select what they are going to fail at from five options: Find Love, Get Healthy, New Job, Get Creative and Find Yourself. It then guides you on a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type series of humorous questions that will lead to how you will inevitably fail in your resolution, just like you would in real life.

Don’t shoot the messenger: as Elm points out, this is backed by statistics.

According to findings published in the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology (in partnership with the Statistic Brain Institute), one in three people who make resolutions won’t last even 31 days.

The goal of the tongue-and-cheek campaign is to encourage people to sign up for Elm, a service that promises to deliver more LOLs and free products that will actually help you make changes in your life.

If you need a little more insight, you can find it here.

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