12 Reasons to Get Excited for 2017

We’ll just call it like it is: 2016, you really shat the bed.

Well the odd few have taken to social media to express gratitude for an incredible year for them personally, it’s pretty much been one of the worst years to date for many of us.

But there’s no use lamenting on the past, right?

Here are 12 things to look forward to in 2017.

Canada’s 150 Birthday Celebration
It’s not every year that Canada celebrates a massive birthday like its 150th. That’s why, beginning last night, the country will embark on an arts, culture and industry-filled celebration of all things Canadian. More than $210 million has been set aside for 150th anniversary projects and events, which includes collaborations with the National Ballet of Canada and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, among other important cultural institutions.

New Binge Material on Netflix
Even if everything else goes down the drain, you’ll always have Netflix and the return of some of your favourite shows (and, hopefully, a ‘chill’ partner). This summer, Stranger Things returns for its second season, while Game of Thrones will return with its seventh season. We will also get to binge on the final season of Girls. Let’s not forget that Dave Chappelle finally returns to the screen with three LOL-filled stand-up specials.


Parks Canada Will Offer Free Admission
It won’t dent your wallet to experience the ‘Great Canadian outdoors’ this year. Parks Canada is offering a free Discovery Pass to those who ask for one to celebrate Canada’s 150 years since Confederation.

Canada’s Housing Markets Could Cool
The thought of purchasing a home could become less anxiety-inducing in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. As the Globe and Mail just reported, economic analysts are once again calling for the cooling of the Canadian housing market. Furthermore, in Vancouver, beginning on January 16, the province of British Columbia will start a program that will offer to match the nest egg saved by prospective first-time buyers.

Virtual Reality Will Help Us Escape
If things don’t improve significantly, improvements in virtual reality tech and the lowering of headset prices will make VR a more attractive use of time to the masses. A new set of Windows 10 VR headsets by companies like Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo will hit the market this year – all starting at a cost of $299 USD.


Hamilton: An American Musical Expands
This year, you will have more options than New York when it comes catching a performance of this year’s “it” musical, Hamilton: An American Musical. Offering another reason for a weekend escape South of the Border, the raved about musical is scheduled to make stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Boston, among many cities across the US.

Booking an Escape Vacation is Now Easier
If you need to escape the winter – and frankly, life in general – booking an all-inclusive vacation just became a lot less maddening, especially for those on a set budget. Beginning today, all vacation ads in Ontario must include taxes and fees, eliminating the surprise sinking realization that a margarita-filled beach vacation is out of the cards this year.

SoulCycle Hits Canada
If getting in shape and mindfulness top your New Year’s resolution list, you’ll be pleased to know that SoulCycle is spinning its way into Canada for 2017. The American workout chain – which has a cult-like and celeb following – opens in Toronto in March, and is set to expand across the country. 


Nintendo Switch Hits the Market
If real-life gets too much to handle, you can always submerge yourself in the nostalgic Super Mario-filled worlds of times past when the new, highly versatile Nintendo Switch hits the markets in March.

The Music
Some of your favourite musicians will drop new albums this year. Katy Perry, Drake, Brad Paisley and Fergie are among them. Rumour has it that Diddy even has a new album in the works as Puff Daddy. Making Canadian concert appearances this year are Guns n Roses, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Neil Diamond and Tom Petty.

The Great Trail Will Connect the Country
Our home and native land will soon house the world’s longest trail network. Twenty-five years in the making, The Great Trail will connect 24,000 kilometres of the country. The trail connects every province and territory via urban, rural and wilderness trails.

The Majority of Canadians Think 2017 Will Be Better
If nothing else, we have our optimism. A new Ipsos poll conducted for Global News revealed that a majority of Canadians believe that life will be better in 2017 – at least, when it comes to economic matters. The poll revealed that 85 per cent of respondents expect 2017 to be better for their job, while three quarters expect the year to be ‘good’ for their personal financial situation.

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