Fact: Women Are More Likely to Cheat During the Holidays

Apparently that warm fuzzy holiday feeling may not cross over to the relationship department.

Not only is the holiday season also breakup season, some new dating app info suggests that women are more likely to shop for a new mate over the holidays – while still in a relationship.


Mobile dating app Clover (often described as a Tinder meets OkCupid mashup) analyzed data from 150,000 users and found some interesting info when it comes to dating patterns.

Here are the dirty details:

In December so far, Clover has seen a 300 per cent increase in sign-ups from people already in a relationship. Yikes.

There are 33 per cent more women signing up that are in existing relationships compared to men. Then again, maybe the men just aren’t divulging their relationship status.

People that earn less than $60,000 per year are 2.5x more likely to seek a new relationship while in an existing relationship.

What does this all mean? 

Perhaps the stress and financial strain of the holidays play a role. Or maybe the looming New Year has us questioning how we want to live – and who we want to live with – in 2015. 

Either way, it turns out that many are seeking “comfort and joy” elsewhere, yet they will probably still unwrap presents with their current significant other on Christmas morning like nothing was going on in the background.

Apparently even breakups can be a New Year’s resolution. 


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