Discover the Suits the Boys on Suits are Wearing

Have you ever been distracted from the plotline on Suits by the perfectly tailored suits that Harvey Spector and Mike Ross are sporting? You may have re-evaluated your own professional wardrobe on account of these amazing looks. To uncover just how these men look so stylish, we went straight to the source to discover everything you need to know about the suits on Suits. That source is Garrison Bespoke, the go-to bespoke for Toronto young professionals and the cast of Suits – both on set and the red carpet. We caught up with Garrison Bespoke stylist David Tran to find out more…

What do you look for in terms of styling the cast of Suits
We work closely with the stylists of the show to create an image that is reflective of the personality of the character and the position they have related to real top law firms. We work with a lot of professionals on Bay Street, so we’re able to suggest wardrobe options that would be authentic. We also work in our knowledge of the unwritten rules of dressing in a law firm or other corporate environments. 

How do the suits reflect the personalities of the characters?
Mike Ross is an associate, and his look is clean, modern and simple. We stick to classic colours, such as charcoal, grey or navy. He wears two-piece suits with slim notch lapels, paired with slim ties and crisp white shirts. This is a timeless, quiet confidence type of look. 

Harvey Specter is a named partner, with a bold personality who always leaves a strong impression on the room. You’ll notice he wears three-piece suits, and his ties are broader. He has wide, peak lapels, which create lines to broaden his shoulders, giving him a strong presence. The colours of his suits can be a few shades brighter and often have more lustre, giving his suit more punch when standing in a room with other suits. 

Louis Litt is a senior partner who is confident but wants to make a statement in more subtle ways. His notch lapels are wide and the pattern of his suits are unique without making obvious, bold statements. We put him in what we call a “shadow check” pattern – from a distance, it appears as a solid, but when up close you can appreciate a subtle, refined check pattern.  

Do the suits worn on the show reflect the current style options chosen by young professionals in the real world?
Yes. It is very much based on how we dress real professionals in Canada’s top law firms. The suits are always reflective of the position, personality and unwritten rules of dress for law. Associates wear more subtle, clean and timeless looks. Those that want to stand out, we design details like side tabs on pants, which often draw attention from senior partners who notice the associates’ attention to detail. The cut of the suit and colour is also distinct, but we make sure it won’t overshadow a senior partner’s look. 

How do the suits worn on the show differ from the ones worn by the cast off-screen?
Patrick J Adam’s is a great example of how his suits differ on and off-screen. On the show, he plays the role of an associate, so his suits are subtler. Off-screen, he has a much more sophisticated edge to his wardrobe. He looks great in a three-piece suit and rocks that off-screen. 

Does the cast get to keep their suits?
They prefer to work with us to design their personal wardrobe because their off-screen personalities are very different. So we work with them to design garments for their red carpet events or premiere parties, which is quite different than a corporate law firm setting. 

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Photos by Mike-Paul