Design Lovers: Here’s Why You Need to Pop By the Chinatown Experiment

We first profiled Kate last year when we fell in love with her line of handmade furniture. Since then she’s been busy collaborating with hidden gems of the design world to bring together ADDRESS | A Pop Up Assembly of Fine Furniture and Home Accessories.

The collection features a wide variety of items including furniture, lighting, textiles and horticulture, as well as artwork and sculptural vessels. The designers and items were carefully curated by Kate herself, ensuring that there was a cohesive look and feel to every piece in the space. The combined result is approachably rustic but contemporary, with unmistakable quality behind every design.

The hand-picked selection of designers range from Vancouver to New York, and include:

Kate Duncan Designs – Handmade Furniture
Troy Moth – Photographs
Le Fil Rouge – Textiles
Derek Dix – Photographs
Golem Designs – Ceramics
Green with Envy – Florals
Fiber Lab – Lighting
Hendrik Lou – Clothing and Accessories
Lumin Concepts – Furniture and Lighting
Amanda Parker – Clay and Glass Creations
Landon Dix – Housewares

ADDRESS runs until June 3 at the Chinatown Experiment (434 Columbia Street). Hours are 11am to 7pm, and 9pm on Fridays. Click here for more information.

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