Kampai Toronto Aces Distillery District Sake Showcase

Order has been restored. 

Thanks to the Grilled Cheese Fest debacle earlier this year, it seems as if everyone in the city has been afraid to commit to anything with the word ‘fest’ in its title. 

So naming their giant sake festival Kampai Toronto was probably the first best move. Don’t worry, though, there were others.

More than 150 types of sake (and some soju) from Japan, Canada, and the United States were available in the well-suited space of the Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar. Yes, it was a little hot. But it’s the end of May, and more than 750 people getting their sake on tends to heat things up a bit. Lines were more than reasonable (two minutes at most when we were there), vendors were incredibly friendly, and guests seemed excited to be touring from one table to another with their sake cup ready to be filled.

But then, who wouldn’t be? 

Bent was there. So was Fonda Lola. There were sake cocktails galore and suddenly the idea of adding a little rice to a night out on the town didn’t seem like such a strange proposition any more. 

One of the vendors even offered a tip for us beginners: generally, the longer the name of the type of sake, the better the quality.  

To which we say, here’s to long sips from even longer names – the summer of sake has arrived. 

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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