Canada’s Coco Rocha: Up Close

Young, talented, articulate and charming, she’s a Canadian supermodel that has real personality. As one of today’s top fashion models, Rocha has not only landed on the covers (that’s right plural) of Vogue, but the strong woman is also wise when it comes to the industry. Notable caught up with the runway stunner and asked the 22 year old — at one of Fashion Week’s opening parties hosted at the Roosevelt Room — how she stays grounded, maintains success and what advice she suggests to young professionals pursuing the ultimate career in fashion.

What are some stereotypes people seem to think about you and models in general?
C: That I’m fake! Also, people think that all young models are these perfect beauties who love themselves and are rich and famous when most are young teenagers coming into it looking for some wisdom and a lot of times aren’t given that. A lot of model’s live their life as models but don’t really enjoy it. It isn’t what you think you know, it’s hard, it can be very lonely, you travel non stop. You gotta stop sometimes and realize, wow what am I doing.

How do you keep yourself grounded and happy?
C: I always had family travel with me, or a friend at least. Someone that wasn’t really part of the industry or ‘scene’. I’ve always been able to have a break and get out of it all. You need that, to come back to a fresh page.

How do you maintain your success? What’s the key?
Being yourself, a lot of young people feel they need to sell themselves, don’t sell yourself short, you don’t need to do it to be the top model. If I’m fake to you you’re just going to know it and same old same old. Those who take this as a job and not a lifestyle, those are the next top girls.

What’s your advice for people getting into the industry, what should people make sure of?
C:Get the right agent, the right people you want to work with (the ones that won’t throw you under the bus). Do not put out money as a model. Have a strong personality, in that you can say yes, no, maybe, whatever the case may be to get the job done. And never sell yourself.

Stella McCartney, Zac Posen or Marc Jacobs?
C: It would be Zac Posen. (big smile)

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Photo Courtesy of Elle Canada