Fashion Chat: The Blonds

As simplistic as the name sounds, their image is undeniably blinding. With celebrity names such as Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and event Brit Brit as clients, The Blonds’ fashions continue to make bold statements, on and off the runway. Their jaw-dropping embellishments, crystallized designs, and form-fitted gowns are classy and sassy, and we love it! Notable caught up with the stunning duo at the Fashion Still Cares event, housed at The Roosevelt Room, for some fashion banter.

Q: What does the brand represent?
David: It’s all about inspiring. Inspiring women to get excited about fashion and not to take things too seriously. Getting more people into fashion, for us, that’s great.

Q: Your brand is quite definitive, how would you explain the designs you create?
Phillipe: We see it as (turning to one another) body jewellery, no one’s really doing anything like that. We want to carry the torch and be sparkly.

Q: Getting into fashion there must have been some road blocks early on, how has that shaped you as designers?
David: We are never satisfied (laugh), we change all the time. Anyone who gets into any industry there are going to be road blocks. It’s a hobby yes, but it’s a business. We just try to keep making things fun and hope to encourage more people to try different styles and get into fashion.

Q: If you had to switch roles and be a model for a night, whose runway would you walk?
Phillipe: “ooh, I dunno.”
David: Oh come on, you would choose Versace.

Citing childhood inspirations such as Jem and The Holograms, The Blonds design fashion exclusivity with a modern playfulness and fashionistas sure eat it up. After speaking with the extremely professional and articulate pair, it was hard not to be stunned a bit — they have a presence and continuity both in their garments and in their character.

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Image courtesy Phillipe and David Blond MySpace Page.