Old Spice Sparks OhDocta

The buzz surrounding the new Old Spice campaign has been crazy in the past week. After creating their own YouTube channel, Old Spice began encouraging viewers and consumers to send in their own questions to the awesomely popular Old Spice guy. The Old Spice guy then answers a select few of those questions personally, and the response is posted on YouTube. It’s social media and crowd-sourcing at its finest. Notable told you about the campaign here.

But now, queue the spinoffs! In a hilarious parody of the Old Spice videos — which see the Old Spice guy standing in front of a shower wearing nothing but a white towel — the newly introduced “OhDoctah” does his thing. With lines like “You have a six pack, I have a keg,” it’s quite funny to watch.

But in addition to being hilarious, it’s also a brilliant business move. OhDoctah is actually an online advice website, offering weekly tid bits of advice and a Wednesday night “Patient’s Lounge” where viewers can call in and ask the Doctah questions.

What’s so smart about the Old Spice parody is that OhDoctah is capitalizing on the trickle down effect created by the original campaign. By becoming an early adopter of the campaign strategy, OhDoctah is riding the wave started by Old Spice.

It’s a great lesson for young professionals who are looking to generate buzz for their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Funny + Business Savvy = Notable!