Are You a Text Fighter?

Textual communication technologies have become crucial components of our lives as young professionals. Most of us communicate via text in one form or many, numerous times each day. But when it comes to communicating disagreeing opinions, regardless if it’s just a friendly debate or a more strongly worded argument, it’s best to put the electronic device down, kick it old school, and talk it out. 

Don’t be misunderstood
It may be hard to imagine life today without our text toys, but we must constantly consider the serious limitations of our coveted, convenient little devices. When it comes to text-talk especially, the main thing lacking is that all important feature of tone. We’ve all been there, either on the giving or receiving end of missed sarcasm, and such circumstances can easily lead us into problems – fast. In simple text form, words can be easily misunderstood and misread, which can lead to misrepresentations of our message, even of our personality. Though emoticons are helpful, and “LOLs” do help soften the vibe, when it comes to serious convos regarding work or relationships, the written word does not serve us all that well. In order to express your important message as accurately as possible, use the helpful features of face-to-face talk, like tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions. Even utilizing your phone as an actual phone, to speak with someone in real time, can help you to avoid potential breakups, or even being fired.

Do you really want a record?
Another feature of textual communication that can cause us potential trouble is that it creates a lasting record of our words. While this is of course useful in many areas of corporate and personal communication, when it comes to arguing with your partner, friend, co-worker, or boss, ask yourself if you really want such words to be on the record? Whatever is said in emails and texts can be kept, printed, sent, shown, etc. to whomever the other party wishes. Face-to-face talk, or even phone convos, are not only more effective, but also offer a more private form of communication.

You’re not that brave
Finally, so often when arguing in text form, people seem to gain a sort of newfound nerve. From behind the security of their virtual wall, many find themselves able to say things they never have, and likely never would in person. This is dangerous. It’s quite easy to punch those harsh words into the keypad; you know your iPhone’s feelings won’t be hurt. But don’t forget about the actual person on the other end of that text. When it comes to text fighting, stick to the new version of the old adage: If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it in a text.