9 Things You Need to Know About the Toronto Pan Am Games

If you didn’t already get the memo, the Pan Am Games are coming to Toronto from July 10-26th, followed by the Parapan Am Games from August 7-15th.

This is kind of a big deal.

So unless you want to be the only Torontonian without a ticket to the best show in town, you’d better keep reading.

1. Everyone is Coming to Toronto
With 41 countries from across the Americas and the Caribbean bringing 7,000 athletes to the city, there will be no shortage of diversity.

2. Many 2016 Olympians Will Be Here
Yes, these are the games that qualify these athletes for the Olympics – so even though Toronto hasn’t been able to score the chance to host the Olympics yet – you’ll still get your chance to see the Olympians do what they do best. (And we’ll prove to the IOC that we’re ready for the big time.)

3. It Goes Beyond Olympic Sports
This isn’t just for Olympic summer sports – sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing, roller-skating, rugby sevens, and even squash will all be on the menu.

4. Don’t Miss the Torch Relay
The Pan Am torch will be lit at a traditional ceremony in Teotihuacan, Mexico in May before travelling to Canada in a 41-day journey through 130 communities, landing in Toronto on July 10th just in time for the opening ceremony.

5. Tickets Will Be Reasonably Priced
With tickets available for $20 and 75 per cent of tickets being under $45, there’s no reason to claim it’s too expensive to go see an event. So grab them before they’re gone. And don’t forget, events like road cycling and sailing are free.

6. Cirque du Soleil Will Open the Games
While we’re still not sure what happened with the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 – we have a feeling this ceremony will outshine it by a whole bunch. Why? Three words: Cirque du Soliel. Oh, and that it’ll be a one time only specially designed performance.

7. You Can Volunteer
You’ll get to help Toronto host the world along with 20,000 sports fans, and it’ll probably give you a free front row seat to the events you’re helping out at. Not a bad deal.

8. There’s Going to Be a Toronto Sports Venue Overhaul
In preparation for this event, Toronto has built new venues and revamped old ones. With 17 venues in the city being used, you’ll be spending some time at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, Etobicoke Olympium, Exhibition Stadium, CIBC Athletics Stadium, and more.

9. Nobody Knows Who’ll Play the Closing Ceremony…Yet
The name hasn’t been released to the press yet, but apparently it’s going to be a big one. Canadian as well, we’d hope. Time to start speculating.

Watch the teaser video for the games here. Get excited. 


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