7 Signs You’re Being Kept in the Friend Zone (Yes, That’s Still a Term)

Sure, there are worse places to be than in the “friend zone.”

But basically all of them involve you being completely alone.

So it’s important you’re able to recognize the “friend zone” when you’re in it so you don’t mistake it for anything else.

Hope, after all, can be a dangerous thing.

1. He/She Brings Up Other Prospects in Front of You
If he or she brings up how hot the waiter is, the girl or guy their currently texting, or their ex with you – you’re definitely in the friend zone. Unless they’re just trying to make you jealous, which should a red flag in itself.

2. He/She Shows Up in Sweatpants (Every Time)
If he or she makes zero effort in terms of his or her appearance, consider them in the same ranks as your brother or sister on the couch.
3. You’ve Shared a Bed Without Cuddling
Beds are full of possibilities, if the one you share never is, stop dreaming.
4. He/She Brings You Out With the Guys or Ladies
Meaning, he/she sees you as one of the guys or girls.
5. He/She Never Entertains Your Drunken 2am Messages
Not only that, he/she pretends it never happened the next day.
6. Discusses Boy/Girl Issues with You
If you’re getting an earful about other guys and girls – and all the drama or heartache that surrounds them – then you’re definitely a friend.
7. He/She Calls You with their Life Problems
In a new relationship, the last thing you want to do is bombard him/her with your problems. That’s what your friends are for. 


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