This is a Breakdown of the World if Only 100 People Lived Here

Big data is already pretty complex – imagine the labyrinth of numbers, stats, figures, and percentages behind analyzing all of the world’s seven billion people.

No. Thank. You. 

An infographic, though, we can deal with. One very talented, and patient, graphic designer from London has turned a collection of information ranging from global cell phone ownership to who’s starving into a eye-pleasing image that gives a digestible snapshot of life on earth. 

Here are some of the most interesting findings from Jack Hagley’s visual representation of the globe if our population was scaled down to 100 people:

– 48 would live on less than $2 USD per day; 1 out of 2 children would live in poverty

– 78 would have electricity, 22 would not 

– 83 would be able to read and write, 17 would not

– 12 would speak Chinese, 5 would speak Spanish, 5 would speak English, 3 would speak Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, and Portuguese, 2 would speak Russian and Japanese, and 62 would speak other languages.

– 33 would be Christian, 22 would be Muslim, 14 would be Hindu, 7 would be Buddhist, 12 would believe in other religions, 12 would not be religious or identify themselves as being aligned with a particular faith

– 60 would be from Asia, 15 would be from Africa, 11 would be from Europe, 9 would be from Latin America & the Caribbean, and 5 would be from North America

Now if only we could determine how many people think this cat is going up the stairs vs. down

You can view the full-size infographic here.


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