7 Reasons Ripley’s Aquarium Should Be Your Next Date Destination

There are a lot of great ways to spend time with your special someone in this city. Sadly, winter’s currently ruining about 75% of them, which is why we went down to check out Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada (288 Bremner Blvd) to see if it was worth it for you to do the same. Here’s what we came up with. 

It’s Fun
We don’t know what you do with your time but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t involve touching sharks. It may sound simple, but the easiest way to guarantee you have a good date is to do something new and exciting. This is that thing.

It’s Dark
Let’s be honest: who hasn’t looked good in dim light while lingering next to a jellyfish? After buying your tickets and entering the initial exhibit, you’re mostly in the shadows for the next few hours. Don’t worry, though, there are enough bright spots to remember what your date looks like but also enough mood lighting to make your university dorm room hang its head in shame.

It’s Cool
When you’re walking beneath the 100-metre-long shark tank and staring up at the belly of one of those killing machines floating right above your head we dare you to resist reaching for the nearest superlative. Of course, if you do manage to remain unimpressed,  we’re obligated to warn you that our next step will be to double-dog dare you to climb into the tank with one of them.

It’s Busy
Busy is good. Busy means not always having to focus on the date itself. And we don’t just mean busy with people. The number of live attractions – more than 16,000 marine animals – will keep your eyes from lingering too long on any one (possibly inappropriate) ‘area’ of your date in particular.

*Disclaimer: Weekends can get pretty bananas – best to go later in the day or during the week if you don’t want to end up striking a child.   

It’s Educational
This isn’t Fast & Furious 6 – you’re going to actually learn something here. As you make your way through the Aquarium, it’s impossible not to stop at displays, read boards, or watch videos. For instance, we know now that Alewives can be found in the ocean AND in freshwater lakes. If you think we won’t be busting that out at our next cocktail party, you’re probably more of a crustacean than the 50-year-old lobster we met.  

It’s Interactive
The entire Aquarium is lined with different games, screens, displays, and photo opportunities. You can stop off at Rainbow Reef and watch a diver mingle with hundreds of fish while she talks to you through a microphone. You can snap a pic between the jaws of a Megalodon (see: BIG FREAKIN’ SHARK) and then rub your hand against a live stingray. It seems that whatever you’re doing at the Aquarium you’re actually involved in doing it – something that’s much harder to achieve than it sounds.

It’s Hot
Literally. Not too hot, but enough that you should really consider taking advantage of the coat check. Why’s this a good thing you ask? To which we respond: have you been outside lately? An opportunity to go on a date this winter during which your partner is comfortable in anything less than a wool onesie is a major plus in our books.