5 Reasons Coconut Water Should be a Part of Your Diet

How many times has that faint, distinguished flavour that’s urged you to declare #foodporn after indulging in a perfect dish been coconut? Probably a lot – even if you didn’t know it. That’s right, everything from your go-to curry dish to health store vegetable shake may contain nuts, which is something you should be happy to know and looking to emulate in your condo kitchen. We took a closer look at why coconut water is a perfect addition to the YP diet, using Be 100% Pure Coconut Water (no added sugar or preservatives; sustainably sourced from a single estate farm in Southern Thailand) as a measuring stick for our breakdown:

If you’re an athlete
How many times did your high school track coach preach replenishing electrolytes immediately after moments of physical exertion? Unfortunately, you probably reached straight for the Gatorade. Coconut water acts as a powerful hydrator as it contains natural electrolytes – without all the junk of sports drinks.

If you don’t like bananas
There are many ways to reach that seemingly unattainable recommended daily value of potassium, but chances are bananas are the most direct and efficient source for most young professionals. Not a fan? No problem. Be Pure Coconut Water contains more potassium than 2.5 bananas, along with a healthy dose of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

 coconut water

Keeping the “young” in young professional
What if we told you coconut water improves muscle performance, heart health, and kidney health while aiding in stress reduction? Sounds pretty fab for that on-the-go YP lifestyle of yours. Not only that, coconut water also contains naturally occurring plant hormones – cytokinins – that act as an anti-aging agent.

A vegan-friendly cooking option
Don’t let another great recipe go to waste because it calls for milk and you’re turned off by the almond, soy and rice variety. Coconut water can be used as a healthy alternative to milk or water in baking (cakes, oatmeal, or pancakes, for example) and as a replacement for coconut milk in cooking to reduce fat content. 

> The taste of liquid vegetables
Admit it: You’re not that into the taste of your super green smoothie. Even if you are, we bet you can make it better. Coconut water adds natural electrolytes to give you energy for the day, while masking the taste of vegetables like spinach or kale in vegetable smoothies. Looking for more vitamins and minerals? Be 100% Pure Coconut Water is also available as an aloevera, mango or pomegranate fruit-infused superdrink.

coconut water

All photos by Be 100% Pure Coconut Water

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