5 Creative Ways to Get Over a Breakup

I know, I know: breaking up is hard to do.

There are the totally gut-wrenching kinds where that special someone totally rips out your heart, stomps on it, breaks it into a zillion tiny pieces and walks away like it was no big deal at all. There are also the amicable breakups that you probably saw coming a mile away. Unfortunately, no matter the type, breakups can still hurt like a bitch.

While we all have are go-to breakup remedies, sometimes, a pint of ice cream and rom-com just won’t cut it. If that happens, we suggest you try some of these options:


1) Beyoncé-ify Your SO
One of the worst parts of a relationship ending is having to relive it via social media. Check out this tumblr user’s solution – she photoshopped pictures of Beyoncé over every image of her and her ex-boyfriend. Why not remember all the good times with Queen B instead?


2) Name a Cockroach After Them
Nothing says true love like a cockroach, am I right? Well, now you can name one of these creepy crawlies at the Bronx Zoo after your stupid ex for the reasonable price of $10.

broad city

3) Have A Party
It’s the last thing you want to do right now, but one of the great things about breakups is that it reminds you who the real important people are in your life (hint: they’re the ones who help put you back together). You can stay in or go out; just make sure it’s with the people you care about most. Put on your best freakum dress, blast some early 2000s jams, and let yourself feel whatever you want.


4) Write Letters You’ll Never Send
There is a tendency with breakups to want to defend yourself and try to figure out where you went wrong. However, doing this usually leads to frustration which leads to anger which leads to you saying a bunch of emotionally driven things that you’ll probably regret. Instead, grab yourself a pen and some paper and let yourself write everything out that you need to get off your chest – but don’t send it. Afterwards, give it a read through and you’ll realize you’re better off solo anyway and you’ll tear that letter in half. (Ripping up paper is also super satisfying).


5) Volunteer
Find a cause that’s important to you and look up local opportunities to volunteer with that organization. If you just got your heart broken, the last thing you want to do is leave your cocoon of Netflix, pizza, and PJs but resist the urge to go into total sloth mode. Not only does volunteering force you to get out of the house, but it’ll feel good to do something productive and help people out. If nothing else, at least you’re beefing up your resume while your heart is healing.