Employees Transform Boring Office Walls With 9000 Post It Notes

A little visual stimulation in the office space can go a long way – especially on Mondays after a long weekend. Tired of his boring, uninspiring office walls, one employee gathered his coworkers and transformed the office over a weekend into a work of art, with almost 9,000 Post-It notes
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Having a Hard Time Paying Attention? That’s Okay, it Might be Because You’re a Creative Genius

If you've always had a hard time paying attention to what's going on around you 'cause you're busy thinking about all the other amazing things happening in you're brain, we've got some good news for you
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9 Things to Know About Dating an Artsy Type

Dating an artistic young professional can be a unique and exciting ride. But whether they’re a musician or writer, chef or painter, you should know it can also come with challenges. If you’re already in or currently considering a relationship with an ‘artsy type’, there are a few things you need to be aware of
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