30 Fashion Staples Every Man Should Own By the Time He’s 30

Yves Saint Laurent once famously said, “Fashion fades; style is eternal.”

In other words: popular trends might change with the seasons, but timeless styles will last forever.

So, by the time a man turns 30, he should have retired all of his fraternity clothes and obnoxious club wear and made space in his closet for items that reflect where he is in life.

Building a wardrobe foundation is important because it will not only guarantee that you’ll look your best every morning, but you’ll also always have items to pair with your more daring trendy pieces.

We’ve already shared what items every woman should own by the time she’s 30, so now we’ve rounded up staple items every man should have in their closet – from crisp chinos to the perfect suit.


Basic Tees 
A crisp t-shirt can be worn with shirts, jeans, and under your sweaters. Buy multiple colours like white, grey, black and navy so you can create multiple looks.

Basic Tee, white Tee, t-shirt

Photo: Fashionista

V-Neck Sweater
A sweater in an adaptable shade like navy or grey can be worn with pretty much everything; as a layer in the colder months, and as a feature item in the spring and summer.

Polo Shirt 
This is a summer must. The collar allows you to keep your look formal while the short sleeves are perfect for going casual.

Men's Polo, polo, men's clothing

Photo: Asos.com

The ideal staple to throw on over any shirt;  can be worn dressed up or down.

Casual Button Up 
A little pattern never hurt anyone. A casual button up can add some life to an otherwise boring outfit.

Button up shirts

White Button Up 
A fitted white button-up shirt is key for a timeless wardrobe as it can give you several looks when paired with denim or chinos.

Light Blue Button Up 
A light blue button up is an essential workday staple. It pairs best with a beige, grey, or navy suit and a dark blue tie.

Blue button up

Dark Blazer
The easiest way to smarten up any outfit is to add a blazer. Dark options are best, so go for either navy or charcoal.

Denim Jacket 
This was originally worn by the rebellious types, but now the denim jacket is a versatile closet essential.

Denim Jacket, denim

Bomber Jacket 
This is an extremely versatile piece of outerwear and can be worn-year round by all body types.

Trench Coat 
Trench coats are an amazing investment because they can keep out the rain, and look just as stylish when worn over your suit as it when worn with jeans and a t-shirt.

Trench coat, men's style

Originally worn by working sailors, the peacoat has been remade for stylish modern men.

Dark Blue Jeans 
Every man needs a pair of dark fitted jeans that are versatile enough that they can take you from a casual day at the office to meeting your significant other’s parents in the evening.

Dark Blue Jeans, jeans, blue jeans

Camel Chinos 
Chinos are a good alternative to jeans and perfect for when you don’t want to wear suit trousers.

Modern Sweatpants
Wearing sweatpants no longer screams that you’ve given up. A slim pair of sweatpants can easily be your new go-to weekend look. 

Modern sweatpants, sweatpants, casual wear

Fitted Suit 
Even if you don’t wear a suit to work, you should always own a fitted one so you’re prepared for any event that comes your way. A dark, single-breasted option is the perfect place to start.

Brown Leather Loafers
A pair of classic brown or tan loafers are a great footwear option for men because they’re not dressy enough that you can’t wear them with your casual wear. Not to mention, they look amazing under jeans and with dress pants.

Brown Leather loafers, loafers, brown shoes, men's shoes

Dark Ankle Boots 
Boots are an understated staple as they can be paired with plenty of looks. A year-round essential.

Simple sneakers speak for themselves. Go for a plain white sneaker that can be worn with everything.


Black Dress Shoes  
Every man needs a pair of timeless black dress shoes in his repertoire. A classic style can be worn with a suit while still appropriate to wear with a tux.

Classic Black Tie 
A woven silk tie can liven up even the most basic suit and shirt combinations. We suggest starting with a classic black tie and then building your collection from there.

black tie, tie, suit

Brown Leather Belt  
Your brown leather shoes need a brown leather belt to complement. When worn together they’ll pop out against whatever you’re wearing so try to get the shades as close as possible.

White Pocket Square 
Pocket squares were once considered just a utilitarian piece of cloth, but they’re now a symbol of a well-dressed man.

Pocket Square

There’s a reason cufflinks have been in style for so many years. These versatile little fasteners can add a touch of personality to any dress shirt.

Leather Wallet 
By 30, you’re too old to simply shove things into your pockets. A leather wallet or card holder is keeps you organized and coin-free. Just remember not to pull a George Costanza.

Leather wallet, men's wallet

Sports Cap 
There’s something about the lightly structured sports cap, especially for lazy weekends spent running errands.

Your 20s were meant for buying cheap sunglasses that break after a few wears. Invest in a pair of sunglasses that you’ll guard with your life in your 30s.


Timeless Watch 
A man looks much more sophisticated when he checks the time on his watch as opposed to his phone.

Although this isn’t necessarily a fashion staple, it’s still something that every man should be wearing daily.

Weekender Bag 
The modern man needs a bag that’s durable and doesn’t double as his weekday gym bag.

Weekend Bag, bag, men's bag