30 Fashion Staples You Should Own By the Time You’re 30

Many women spent most of their 20s wasting money on items that weren’t meant to last.

But once turning 30 is in sight, you start to realize that you work hard for your money, and your pointless spending needs to stop. This way you’ll have more money to spend on items that you’ll cherish forever. These items will become the foundation of your wardrobe, and they’ll remain in style for years to come.

So we’ve rounded up every item that every woman should have in her closet by the time she’s 30.

Time to start collecting.


Trench Coat  
This as an investment piece you’ll wear forever. Look for a classic A-line silhouette that will cinch you in at the waist and that you can wear over everything from suits to jeans.

Leather Jacket 
There’s a reason this has been a wardrobe staple for 75 years. And you’ll never regret splurging on one because you’ll wear it constantly.

Jean Jacket 
When it comes to buying a denim jacket, always aim for simple. You don’t want to purchase anything with fraying, or crazy rinses like acid wash — you want a jacket that will be timeless over the years.

The Perfect Blazer 
Even if you don’t work at an office, every woman should own a black blazer that fits her perfectly. This is a wardrobe staple as it can be worn with jeans, little dresses, trousers, and skirts.

Every woman needs to own at least one pair of go-to jeans (that instantly make her legs and butt look perfect).

Black Pants 
We’re not talking about jeans or leggings, but fitted black pants that are a great alternative to jeans for when you want to feel a bit more dressed up.

Silk Blouse
Wearing a silk blouse will instantly make you feel like a million bucks and can make any outfit look extremely put together.

Striped Top 
A classic striped top will never go out of style and will remain as a mainstay in your closet

White T-Shirt
You can seriously never own too many white t-shirts. Just make sure to only buy ones that have a flattering slub fit and open neckline that works on your body type.

Cashmere Sweater 
A cashmere sweater is great with jeans and just about everything else.

This sweater is incredibly versatile and can be worn with everything. Make sure to purchase one in a neutral colour like black or tan, so it will always be in style.

Black Dress 
Erase the term ‘little black dress’ from your vocabulary. Every woman should own a flattering, well-fitted black dress that they feel amazing in. Don’t skimp on quality, you want this piece to last years.

Midi Skirt
A fitted midi skirt can give you that perfect hourglass silhouette that’s appropriate for the workplace but trendy enough to be worn to after work cocktails.

Ballet Flat 
A pair of ballet flats can give your outfit a classic touch and come in a variety of colours.

Perfect Black Pump
As you get older, job interviews, last minute meetings, and occasions that call for you to look like a rock star will come up more and more. A pair of timeless black heels will instantly make you feel confident and help you, um, rise to the occasion.

Black Ankle Boot
You most likely already own a pair but make sure to own a suede boot, as it will transition easily from day to night.

White Sneakers 
Whether you’re a Converse kind of gal or you’re more into designer name tags, classic white kicks will go with everything. Always.

Nude Heel 
A pair of classic nude heels can be worn with literally everything, from denim to a red carpet gown.

Diamond Earrings 
No woman should turn 30 with only costume jewellery in her jewellery box. Treat yourself to a pair of diamond earrings and you’ll treasure them forever.

Statement Necklace 
A statement necklace can make the simplest outfit look strong and feminine.

Leather Belt 
A classic leather belt will always take jeans and a t-shirtto another level.

Timeless Watch 
A watch is as much an accessory as it is a timepiece, not to mention wearing a statement watch is a great way to dress up any outfit.

Silk Scarf 
A silk scarf is not only extremely chic, it can instantly update any outfit. To really get the most bang for your buck, try to find one in a fun pattern that can be worn year round.

Black Tights 
A great pair of tights can make your legs look slimmer and help you get away with wearing a dress that’s a little too short.

You’ve probably spent most of your 20s buying cheap sunglasses that you either break or lose. So by the time you’re 30, purchase a pair that you’ll guard with your life.

Evening Clutch
In your 20s you used to buy a new clutch or evening purse for every party you attended. In your 30s, however, you’ll want to own one statement clutch that you don’t mind being seen with every time you go out. It’ll be worth the price tag, believe us.

Grownup Wallet 
Eventually every woman will reach a point where she’s tired of buying crappy wallets that fall apart after a few months. Treat yourself to a seek new wallet that you’ll be proud to use for years to come.

Tote Bag 
You need a tote bag that’s sleek enough that you don’t mind lugging it around everyday, and sturdy enough to take on wear and tear.

Adult Pyjamas 
Gone are the days of it being socially acceptable to be seen wearing mismatched and oversized pyjamas. Step your lounge game up and go for a matching silk or flannel set.

Weekender Bag 
Spur of the moment weekend vacations will become much more frequent in your 30s. Make sure you’re ready for a last minute getaway by having a chic weekender bag on hand.