21 Signs You’re A Healthy Food Snob

Coconut oil is always trending for you.

You chew chia seeds like gum.

Your blender is the most important person in your life.

These are just a few of the signs that might suggest you’ve overstepped the bounds of healthy eating and entered into a not-so-healthy snob zone.

So maybe you should take some time off from reading every label ever printed (yes, even in the health food store) and scroll down to find out…

1. Kale: you hide that sh*t in everything (whether your dinner guests dig it or not).

2. Vega Protein Powder: you bake it into everything (whether it tastes like crap or not). 

3. Anyone not in Van or the GTA is wondering when the hell they’re getting a Whole Foods.

4. You hate that you still have to go to big box grocery stores for saran wrap and paper towels (and that you always leave with a full cart).   

5. You don’t even care that quinoa pasta costs $12 a box; you get to eat carbs again!

6. You refuse to get drunk on anything but organic booze. It totally gives you less of a hangover.

7. Your Nutribullet comes with you on holidays.

8. You try really hard to be cool with all the bugs that accompany your farm-delivered, pesticide-free produce. (Reallyhard.)

9. Being told you eat like a caveman is now a huge compliment.  

10. You always have an apple and a tin of dolphin-free tuna in your purse or glove box, in case of on-the-go hunger attacks (though they’ve yet to win out over a quick McD’s snack wrap – you hear). 

11. You’re all about #MeatlessMondays (as long as there’s a fresh tub of humus in the fridge.)

12. You call yourself a flexitarian and say you only eat organic, “happy” meat (unless you’re drunk at the pub and someone says “wings”).

13. You swear you’re going to eat only local, seasonal root veggies all winter. (And maybe just some lettuce and avocadoes imported from Mexico.)

14. You think the Vitamix is the greatest invention of our time (but wonder why the hell they can’t they make it easier to clean).

15. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes totally gross you out. (And after trying just a few more to nail down the flavour, you’re so going to make your own all-natural version).

16. A Sunday morning trip to the farmers’ market is as spiritually cleansing as going to church.

17. Forget Voldemort, Monsanto is the real he who should not be named.  

18. You are currently panicking about how you will keep your basil and mint plants alive all winter.

19. You swear that next summer you’re going to grow your own edible flowers. Like, for sure this time.

20. You can’t understand anyone who doesn’t just go for organic, cage-free eggs. They’re right there!

21. The Aero Garden and Urban Cultivator are already at the top of your Christmas list.



images:beautyheaven.com.au, occupy.com, createdinthegarden.com, iwf.org

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