15 Things Only People With Siblings Understand

They’ve seen us at our best, worst, ugliest, brattiest and proudest. Love them or hate them, nothing can quite compare to our siblings. Right? If you grew up with a brother or sister, here are 15 things that only you will understand…

1. It is entirely possible to get into screaming matches and even physical fights over what to order for dinner. Totally normal. 

2. You are so used to your grandma calling you by your sibling’s name that you answer to it without it fazing you. It takes too much time to correct it. 

3. You can complain about your brother or sister all you want to your friends, but the second they say something negative about your sibling, watch the hell out.

4. You wanted to punch the person in the face who stood them up, used them, or broke their heart. Seriously, how dare they? Even though it’s been years and your bro or sis is over it, you still hate that person.

5. You have at least one scar that’s the result of something that involved your brother or sister in some way (and they have one as well).

6. You are still not over that one fight you had as kids (like the time when your brother decided to cut off your Cabbage Patch Kid’s hair) and bring it up from time to time at family gatherings.

7. They have at least one mega embarrassing story they can hold above your head that’s way worse than anything your friends could ever have on you. 

8. If you really want to know if your significant other is good for you long-term, you ask your brother or sister. Nobody else will be as brutally honest (whether we like the answer or not).

9. Any gift-giving holiday requires major consultation as to what to get for mom and dad. You can’t let your brother or sister outdo you/claim your Golden Child status. 

10. You know why it’s so important for chores to be designated and evenly divided when you move out with roommates or significant others. You’re definitely not picking up anyone else’s mess.

11. You can still recall that excitement when your hot crush, who just happened to be friends with your brother or sister, came over. Whenever you see them at a party, you confess this every time (and regret it in the morning). 

12. If you’re the youngest, you have no problem buying things secondhand. You grew up on hand-me-downs (regardless of them being boys or girls) in everything from clothing to sporting equipment and even electronics. 

13. You both mutually understand that your parents are crazy freaks and don’t get how nobody else sees it. Seriously, though. 

14. Everything from deciding on TV shows and buying new clothes to a bowling game can get slightly competitive (with anyone).

15. It is possible to argue with someone 24/7, hate them half the time, and actually love them to death and still want them in your life.

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

Cover photo from: tumblr

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