14 Ways to Enjoy a Money-Free Weekend

The weekend is finally here. The sun is shining, the music is playing…but there’s one issue: you’re on a budget.

Perhaps you’re saving for that dream vacation to a gorgeous beach resort or maybe it’s for a down payment for a new condo on the horizon; whatever the reason, we always look for opportunities to save where we can.

And why not do the same on a weekend?

Who said that bottle service, expensive brunches, and all-day shopping trips have to be on the menu?

A lot of the time the best times are waiting in the simple things, we just seem to forget that concept all too often.

So to help you out with saving some cash while still enjoying your days off, we came up with 14 ways you can enjoy a money-free weekend.

Thank us later.


Have a Picnic With Friends


Go Camping


Pick Free Events From Your Community Calendar


Do a Major Summer Clean-Up at Home

woman doing housekeeping

Have a Potluck Barbecue at Home

Group Of Young People Enjoying Outdoor Summer Meal

Visit Your Local Museum for Free

photograph a painting

Play Outdoor Sports With Friends

Friends playing football

Organize a Yard Sale and Make Money


Volunteer at a Local Charity


Get Healthy and Hike at a Local Spot


Make it a Book Only Weekend


Write Down Your Goals For Next Week

Set Goals Hand Red Marker

Binge Watch a New Show on Netflix

Young happy couple watching TV holding remote control

Create New and Motivational Music Playlists