14 Things You’re Doing That Your Co-Workers Hate

Look, we love you, your mom definitely thinks you’re special, and your friends are your friends for a reason.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of doing a few things around the office that aren’t exactly inspiring everyone to want to see you every day. And since we want you to succeed, we’re here to help.

Here are 14 things you could be doing at work that you should stop ASAP. So get the memo, file the report, do whatever you have to do – but just quit doing any of these:


Eating Your Stinky Lunch at Your Desk
No one needs to know that you enjoy your tuna salad sandwich with extra pickles and hot sauce. And they certainly don’t need to know just from the smell alone. This is a communal space – stop smelling it up with your stank.

Sending Emails with Only a Subject Line and No Content
Just. The. Worst. Give us some direction please. We’re not mind readers, we’re (full) email readers. 

Tagging Them in Pictures Without Asking
It’s all fun and games at the office until you’re suddenly spotted on Instagram pretending to take a nap and have to explain yourself to the higher-ups. Don’t be the person who posts that pic.

Playing Music Without Headphones
We get it, you’re super into the scene, maaaannn. But that doesn’t mean we should have to listen to every new ska-funk-reggae mix that comes your way as if it’s the next big thing.

Talking on Speakerphone
Unless everyone in the office is in on this call, don’t do this. Ever.

Never Picking Up the Coffee Run Bill
What’s that? Oh, of course you’ll take a non-fat grande soy latte… but will you be picking up the tab for tomorrow’s coffee run? Didn’t think so.

Even if you were good at either of these (and chances are you’re not), no one wants to listen to you during the workday.

Publicly Practicing Any Sort of Personal Hygiene
Do we really need to go into detail here? Just use the bathroom like an adult, please.

Leaving Notes Around the Office
Hopefully if you’re doing this they’re at least super passive-aggresive. You know, just so you’re being as annoying as possible.

Taking Your 15th Smoke Break of the Day
Just because you think you need a nic kick every 15 minutes doesn’t mean that you should somehow get away with only working six hours a day. While you’re out there ‘needing a smoke’, we’re back at our desks working.

Talking About How Much You Hate Mondays. Every. Single. Monday.
This might be acceptable if it was an annual holiday. Like that one person in your office who hates Christmas and every year you just kind of chuckle at their humbugness and feel bad that they’re obviously dead inside. But showing up every week as if your life has just ended because it’s Monday morning is bringing everyone down.

Sometimes letting someone know why you’re late is fine (public transit broke down). Other times it’s not (that Mexican you ate last night made a violent reappearance this morning). Know the difference.

Last to Arrive, First to Leave
Everyone in the office notices this, we promise. And no one likes to think that anyone else is working less than them on a consistent basis.

Constantly Talking About How Busy You Are
Sorry, did you think that $90K a year was leisure pay? You’re supposed to be busy, it’s your job to get a lot done.