Starbucks Will Soon Let You Order and Pre-Pay for Your Morning Coffee on Your Phone

Lines are not good.

A nuisance 100% of the time, they’re especially troubling when they interfere with your morning coffee routine. After all, the last thing you want to do is start your day counting down the minutes until caffeine withdrawal kicks in as you stand behind 10 people, three of whom have 50-syllable orders.

Thankfully, Starbucks is doing something about the morning queue. In fact, they’re abolishing it. Mobile Order & Pay is now available on the Starbucks app across the United States, which allows customers to place and pay for their order in advance and pick it up on location.

Select stores in Canada will offer the service starting in October.

As for the ordering process, let’s just say it’s a lot simpler than the specifics of your drink: you choose a store from the app’s map view, browse, select, and customize beverage and food items, view the estimated timeframe the order will be ready, and then pre-pay for the order, which will be ready for pick-up in the bar area.

Just one less thing to worry about during rush hour.