11 Vancouver Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

As Canadians, we’re all damn proud of where we live.

And why wouldn’t we be?

We have access to some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes on the planet. Not to mention Canada is home to some pretty influential individuals.

So we’ve rounded up some of the most impressive Vancouverites who share our passion so you can follow them on Instagram.


Maurice Li
Maurice Li is a local photographer and content creator with a flair for capturing the beauty of Vancouver and showcasing unique perspectives of the city.

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G-Pak Coffee Vancouver startup company G-Pak is a great company to follow as they’ve created the world’s first biodegradable single-serve coffee pod. More importantly, G-Pak shows how plastic and waste are harming Canada’s ecosystem, changing the way Canadians recycle .

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Alex Strohl
Alex is an avid adventure seeker and his stunning photos show that the even the most rugged landscapes are beautiful.

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Elizabeth Gadd  Growing up in B.C., Elizabeth has a knack for capturing airy and inspiring shots of B.C’s surrounding forests, hills, mountains, and ocean. One glance at her Instagram feed and you’re going to want to get exploring asap.

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Emma Choo
Emma is the mastermind behind the Vancouver Foodie Instagram account, which follows her #foodventures across the lower mainland. Prepare to feel hungry, as Emma has a true eye (see: stomach) for the most tantalizing dishes in the city.

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Donovan Patrick Mahoney  Mr. Mahoney’s Instagram account is sure to leave you feeling inspired, as he focuses on showcasing his view of Vancouver’s downtown east side.

Erin Ireland
Erin is a Vancouver based food reporter, who’s Instagram feed is an abundance of mouthwatering dishes inspired by the great north west.

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Mirae Campbell If you’re looking for some local adventure inspiration, look no further. Mirae’s feed is motivation enough to get outdoors…and fast. When Mirae isn’t working one of her many jobs in Whistler, she can be found working as a program leader for kids, or exploring the beautiful outdoors. Exploring her backyard is what gets Mirae excited, so she loves having the chance to share the amazing places she gets to see with others.

Vancouver Life
If you’re looking for some inspiration in the city then you need to check out the Vancouver Life account, which is run by a Vancouverite named Emi. The account shows that there is beauty in every corner of the city.

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Emily C Chow Emily is an avid adventure seeker and her feed is going to have you inspired to get out doors this winter and to become friends with mother nature.

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Steven of North
Steven’s feed shows off his adventures through beautiful B.C, where he has captured some truly picture-perfect moments.