11 Torontonians You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram has become the social media app for millennials to see and be seen.

It’a a great tool to stay up to date with your family and friends, but it’s also great for checking out different cities or seeing your own city from a different perspective.

So we’ve rounded up the most notable Torontonians on Instagram who really know how to show off their city: from its streets to its parks, its restaurants to its rooftops.

Be prepared to feel inspired.


Thank You Toronto:
What started off as a way to showcase the beauty of the city has turned into a growing online community that focuses on positive change and sharing the love for T.O. The creators behind this account even took their love for the city to the next level and created a line of Toronto-inspired apparel. With every purchases, they feed someone in need in the city.

Normster: This account knows how to show off a more colourful and diverse side of the city, and captures Toronto in all its glory.

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Your Girl Max: 
This stylish chica has Toronto streetstyle locked down and her minimalist athleisure looks always stand out against the stark city backdrops.

Edwardrow: Edward has an eye for making the ordinary appear completely fascinating. Take this photo he took at Brookfield Place, a Toronto business hub; he made it look like something out of the future. He is definitely worthy of a follow.

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Random Acts of Pastel:
Meet Alyssa Garrison, the mastermind behind the Random Acts of Pastel account, which is an explosion of vivid hues and features very dainty and lady-like shots of the everyday. Be warned: you may feel inclined to eat a macaron after looking at this feed.

Jay Scale: If you have a soft spot for sneakers, then this is an account you need to follow. Jay’s feed showcases his talent for shooting both his athletic footwear and the city.

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Soteeoh knows how to capture a darker side of the city, but no matter how dark and gloomy a photo may be, she finds a way to move you.

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The Everyday Foodie:  If you’re looking for inspiration for your next meal, look no further than The Everyday Foodie, who shows off his palette for the best food the city has to offer. From food trucks to high-end eats, this account will have you salivating.

Field Guided:
Anabela Piersol is the mind behind Field Guided and she has a serious eye for capturing all things airy, girly and light. Her photos are easy on the eyes and definitely worthy of a double tap.

Roof_Topper: How this guy gets on so many rooftops we’ll never know, but were not going to start asking questions. He’s fearless when it comes to climbing the highest points in the city, which results in some pretty spectacular shots you typically wouldn’t get to see.

Also known as The Brunette SaladVanessa Cesario uses her feed to showcase her unique minimalist and enviable urban style throughout the city.