11 Reasons Canada Should Host The World Cup

After a month of a spectacular soccer, celebrations, goals, sad faces, teen models, heartbreak, satisfaction, and so much more, we couldn’t help but think one thing:

We want that.

And while the next two World Cup hosts have already been chosen*, we thought we’d let the world know why Canada should be next on FIFA’s list.    

Sure, it gets hot here, but never too hot to play. You know where it gets too hot to play? Qatar. And besides, everybody likes a little rain on the pitch – it makes slide tackles look even better.  

Last year, CBC reported that almost twice as many kids under 14 play soccer than hockey – making it the most played sport by Canada’s youth. Ever wonder what the kids are up to these days? It’s soccer.

We can pretty much handle a full-on world invasion with the space we have available. Yes, flights will have to be involved, but that’s nothing new. Heck, the next World Cup is being held in Russia – the only country in the world bigger than ours. After 2018, our World Cup would feel cozy.

Fan Base
If 25% of Saskatoon’s population will come out for a single Roughriders game, we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to pack soccer stadiums in the rest of our major cities. And if not, there’s always ‘Murica. Speaking of which…  

Proximity to the U.S.
After this year’s run, the U.S. is becoming more and more relevant on the international scene. In another decade or so they could be a real player in the World Cup. And having a tournament next to the third largest country in the world would ensure an influx of millions and millions of fans. 

In case you weren’t aware, next year we’re hosting the 2015 Women’s World Cup, which means we’ll have proof (along with already having managed several successful Olympics) that we do great things on the world stage whenever we’re given the chance.

If you look at the list of the 2014 World Cup venues and their capacities, it’s not that far off from a list of the Canada’s largest stadiums. And we could always build a few more, larger stadiums so that the next time Bey and Jay Z come to town they can sell out even more seats. ‘Cause somebody has to pay for Blue Ivy’s designer dresses.

We’d Get In
Fine, it’s a selfish reason. But as all host nations are granted a spot in the World Cup Finals, this might be our only shot. While we currently sit in 110th place in the world, Qatar only comes in 10 spots higher – so it wouldn’t be completely unheard of… right? (Also, we really need to make up for 1986.)

If things go sour with Qatar and corruption has been proven to be a factor, what better country to award the World Cup to than everybody’s favourite peacekeeper?

We’re too polite to be controversial. (Of course, we know we’re not, but let them think whatever they want if it brings us the games.)

We Could Change Diving   
After all the shameless dives in the World Cup, we could help turn the game around. Yes, we understand it’s part of the strategy, but you know what else should be? Not being a giant liar. We’d take the hockey (aka: I am willing to lose several teeth and not miss a shift) approach and show the world how beautiful the game can be without the presence of acting.

We’re nothing if not proud of our where we come from, and what better way to demonstrate that pride than by inviting the world to get to know us (beyond Mounties, polar bears, and maple syrup) for a month-long visit? If we build it, they will come…

*Qatar may not end up hosting the games.  

Cover image from: www.onesecondleft.com