These Are the 10 Most Reputable Companies in the World in 2016

Sometimes your reputation in all you have. And sometimes that’s more than enough.

Especially when you have one of the best reps in the world.

Well, every year the Reputation Institute (yes, we know, it sounds made up) ranks the 100 most reputable companies in the world based on how the public perceives their overall song and dance in seven key areas: products and services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership, and performance.

Keep the world part in mind. We just want you to remember that while your local grocer might be super lovely and all, Janice’s 24-Hour Market isn’t going to make it onto this list anytime soon.

You know who else didn’t make it on this list? Facebook. That’s the level of competition taking place here.

So forget walking the walk, this is all about (having others) talk the talk (about you).

After all, a strong reputation and well-received recognition of your brand are as important and as valuable as anything else in business. Don’t believe us? Just ask Marlo.

With that said, here are the 10 most reputable companies in the world in 2016 according to the the Reputation Institute.

10. Apple

9. Sony 

8. Canon

7. Microsoft 

6. Lego Group

5. Daimler (Mercedes-Benz)

4. BMW

3. Google

9to5 Google

2. The Walt Disney Company 

1. Rolex