You Can Buy an Entire 19th-century Quebec Village for $2.8 Million

That’s right, you can buy a full 45-building settlement about an hour north of Montreal for the price of an average bungalow in Vancouver.

Canadiana Village, which sits on 55 hectares of land, could be yours for just $2.8 million.


A disclaimer: most of the village’s buildings are for show, modelled after a 19th-century pioneer settlement. That means it is most uninhabitable without major renovations, though its church, general store, mill, and saloon promise some interesting real estate.

“There’s only one livable home,” says Sotheby’s International Canada real estate broker Catherine Kaija, who’s in charge of selling the village.


Interestingly, the village served as the backdrop for the 2007 Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There,” as well as other shows and films. During its prime, Canadiana Village attracted around 30,000 tourists a year.

Movie fans, as well as investors from Europe, have reportedly shown interest in the property.


All photos courtesy Canadiana Village