B.C. Man Creates “Tinder for Sports” So You’ll Always Have a Workout Buddy

It’s January 3rd, which means you’re probably radiating motivation to get fit.

Getting in better shape is, after all, the top New Year’s resolution among Canadians.

The problem, of course, is that sometime in the next few weeks the first excuses for skipping a workout will begin to trickle in.

That’s why Ursin Camenisch, a former air ambulance pilot from Prince George, B.C., created 5F, an “app to find fit friends.”

Here’s how it works: Users create a profile, select their favourite sports and activities, and are then given a list of all the people nearby who are interested in the same things. They can then arrange to meet them, whether it’s on the slopes for a day of skiing or on a forest trail for a run.


The app was launched in August and has seen marginal growth since. It currently boasts around 1,100 users around the world, which is actually a challenge for Camenisch since users need to be in close proximity for 5F to work.

“It really takes a dozen downloads in every city until the app really works,” he said, adding that “obviously there is a demand here.”

Until then, we suggest trying something new to switch up your fitness routine and keep yourself motivated through the winter months.