YPs Raise Fundraising Stakes at Casino Against Cancer

Young professionals from all over the city joined forces in the fight against cancer on Friday (September 21) as they celebrated life in support of the Montreal Cancer Institute. The worthy soirée was held at the Bossa Nova Hall of the scenic Hôtel Place-D’armes. The notable crowd was comprised of lawyers, accountants, financiers, doctors, pharmacists and researchers, as well as press. The highly successful inaugural event drew forth a common sense of awareness, focusing in on the main mission to raise funds for cancer research.

The innovative charity featured a casino-inspired setting, welcoming guests to join in on gaming favourites including blackjack, poker and roulette. Tables filled up fast as attendees rejoiced, all the while socializing with fellow partygoers. The casino setting was certainly an ingenious space, emitting a sense of thrill and amiability. High-stake winners were eligible to enter the main draw of the evening, as the MC raffled off a heap of exciting prizes. On the other end of the hall, growing interest drew guests to partake in a silent auction, showcasing a plethora of goods, ranging from jewelry to autographed sports memorabilia, as well as an assortment of luxurious packages. 

With a spectacularly energetic ambiance set by DJ Mary Hell, guests mingled over fresh seafood served up by Le Pois Penchée, Montreal’s upscale French bistro, followed by an assortment of delectable desserts. The open bar also welcomed attendees as bartenders concocted a variety of cocktails, including a special anti-cancer superfuit martini by skillful mixologists from L’Assommoir.

The successful affair coincided with the 65th anniversary of the Montreal Cancer Institute; the non-profit organization has significantly contributed to its mission towards a breakthrough against the universal illness. The institute fundamentally focuses on training and research as a means to support new generations of study. Its affiliation with world-renowned researchers has prominently benefitted their search for life-saving discoveries, giving hope to thousands of families in Quebec. 

Worthy of mention were the group of young leaders spearheading the splendid soirée. The Young Ambassadors Circle of the Montreal Cancer Institute is a group of dynamic professionals working together with the common purpose of benefiting the organization. Their admirable work and meticulous planning was evident in all aspects of the resourceful function. With such a remarkable feat, we are enthusiastically awaiting future gatherings. For more information, as well as donations, click here.

Photo Credit: Julian Haber