Your New Favourite Show: The New Celebrity Filled #LipSyncBattle Trailer is Here

Imagine that instead of settling for holding your comb in front of the mirror as you belted out J-Lo’s latest track that you could invite her to join you to sing along – and she would.

Oh, and there’d be TV cameras and screaming fans and more celebrities than a Taylor Swift birthday party.

You’ve already seen it on Jimmy Fallon, and you’ve loved every A-list filled fake second.

Well, now LL Cool J is here (don’t call it a comeback) along with ‘colour commentator’ Chrissy Teigen to guide you through what seems to be an overwhelming number of over the top performances by everyone from Anna Kendrick and John Krasinski, to Stephen Merchant, The Rock, and Malin Akerman.

Is April 2nd here yet?


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