You Can Rent This Welsh Farm for Less Than $2 a Year

Living on your own farm, complete with a four-bedroom home and stunning views overlooking the Irish Sea, may seem like a faraway pipe dream.

But if you have $1.93 to your name, Parc Farm atop Great Orme, could be yours. There’s just one small catch: you won’t be alone.

You’ll be lodging with 416 sheep, all of which you’re in charge of herding and shearing – plus, you’ll need to move some of your woolly acquaintances to less endangered land to help conserve the rare plants and animals in the area.

If you’re into sheep but not a doctor, you may have missed out on the offer to move to New Zealand for a $400k job. But now another perfect opportunity has presented itself for a green-fingered applicant looking for an adventure.

According to the appropriately titled William Greenwood, General Manager of Park Farm, “the Great Orme is a habitat of outstanding international significance – it’s one of the most important sites in the whole of the country and possibly internationally for the rare species that live here.”

Species including the Welsh Cotoneaster and the silver-studded blue butterfly do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Because the land has not been grazed sustainably for a decade, the butterflies and wildlife that inhabit the area could be gone forever if it’s not properly looked after.

The National Trust has purchased the land and is looking for an individual who can take on the plot and make sure the landscape thrives and survives.

Since the focus is to keep the sheep grazing the land, they are offering the farmhouse for just £1 so the chosen candidate has no financial pressure or worries concerning accommodation.

They hope to have selected a candidate by September, so apply here if you’re looking for a change of scenery and lifestyle makeover.