Worth Joining: Rotary Club of Calgary Crowchild Urban Spirits

Here’s an association you might want to check out and consider joining: Rotary Club of Calgary Crowchild Urban Spirits. The group is not what you might consider when you think of Rotary. One of the larger associations’ Urban Spirits groups, it’s geared towards young professionals. As with the old school mainstay Rotary clubs, the association follows the mantra “Service Above Self,” which materializes through their participation in good deeds such as the Teddy Bear Toss.

The club meets each Tuesday at 4:30pm at the Hotel Arts, with the official program getting underway at 5pm. The speakers change each meeting; when we visited, it featured the Monro family speaking about their life’s work with the Amarok Society. The Amarok Society teaches uneducated mothers how to read and write, and then teaches the mothers to be neighbourhood teachers – educating their own and their neighbours’ children every day in their homes, with astonishing result. 

Join in for a little urban spirit; there’s an upcoming pub night at Blink Monk on April 16, or check out their must-attend Casino Royale fundraiser tomorrow night (Saturday). 

Where: The Hotel Arts, 119 – 12th Avenue SW

For more information check out their Facebook page or the Clubrunner