WestJet Launches Flights from TO to NYC

Young professionals frequenting the Big Apple either for work or pleasure will be happy to know that Canadian airliner WestJet will be offering flights from YYZ to LaGuardia seven times daily. The first flight departed Pearson Airport earlier today after the rights to land at LaGuardia were won in an auction, something that’s rare to achieve for new entrants. 

So, what does this mean for YP travellers? The link is another option to travel between North America’s biggest business pockets, something that WestJet most recently offered for less than a year before cancellation in 2005. Something to note is that the strategy this time is focused a bit more on business travellers; flights are strategically scheduled heavier in the morning and evening, lighter midday. 

The news marks an incredible year for WestJet, which saw record profits in the first quarter and will receive its 100th airline in December. Next up? An announcement of the schedule for the first set of communities to be served by the launch of a regional airline around the start of 2013. 

Happy travelling.