Welcome to Never Waiting in Line for Your Food Again

We young professionals take our food seriously. 

Very seriously. 

So when certain trivialities – like lines or paying at the counter – get in the way of us and our food, you can bet there’ll be a wrath of anger.

Thankfully, we discovered Grabb, a Toronto-based app that let’s you order and pay for meals from some of your favourite restaurants in the city in just a few touches. 

The service lets you browse full menus, select your meal, pay right away, and pick up your order from a designated Grabb line-up on location.

Consider it the red carpet of lunch.

And in true 2015 fashion, you can follow every stage of the process via live updates. Other perks include real-time queue, prep time, and ‘ready in’ estimates, as well as a map to your destination with walking time. 

Some of our favourites are already on Grabb’s roster of participating restos – like Fresh Off the Boat, Aroma, and What A Bagel – and more are being added frequently. 

And because we want to make sure you all are satiated, use the promo code NOTABLE25 to receive 25% off with the app for – wait for it – a full month. 

If there’s anything that’ll eliminate lines and ease our way to food, you know we’re all about it.


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