We Want to Give You the Chance to Join Canada’s Top Wine Club

Flurries outside, dinner parties inside – wine season is definitely here.

In fact, there’s nothing that warms the soul quite like a perfect bottle of vino; especially on nights when ‘going out’ just isn’t in the conversation.

Unless you’re on your way to a wine tasting, of course.

Which is why right now is exactly the perfect time to join a wine club. Luckily, we’re here to introduce you to one of the best in the country: Opimian Wine Club.

Opimian has played a huge role in raising Canada’s wine offering over the past four decades and it will do exactly that for your personal collection as well. Simply put, you can’t call yourself a Canadian oenophile without an Opimian membership.

Membership ($69/year) gives you access to 500 of the world’s top wines (including spirits and specialty products), exclusive tastings (approx. 35/year), annual wine reviews, recommendations from one of only 322 Masters of Wine in the world, and eight Cellar Offerings.

Toss in a free case coupon ($75 value) and a Quench Magazine subscription ($35), and they’re pretty much paying you to join Canada’s most renowned wine club.

If you’re still not ready to swallow this opportunity, we’re inviting you out for a full swirl on November 12th, where you’ll enjoy a taste of everything Opimian’s all about. Join us from 5-7pm at Toronto’s amazing Portland Variety for an après-work tasting hosted by Opimian Ambassador Jessica Harnois, one of Quebec’s leading sommeliers.

You’ll get a chance to sample the best of Opimian’s cellar, nosh on delectable eats, have a chance to win a private tasting with friends, and see first-hand why becoming a member is a no-brainer.


And because we love you almost as much as we love wine, you get a discount when you sign up with us*. So pick up the (reduced) tab for this exclusive evening, choose your favourite +1, and continue to enjoy all the perks of an Opimian membership for another year.

Just click here, fill out the application form and select Notable from the promotions drop-down menu to grab your tickets for the event, and get ready for an oenophile’s wet dream.

Trust us: joining Opimian is better than signing up for Netflix. Not that the two are competing. In fact, Netflix and a bottle of wine sounds like a great idea right about now…

See you on November 12th.