We Hit the Streets with Starbucks to Celebrate Your Work BFFs

Sunshine, downtown streets, and smiling faces.

Last Wednesday, for many young professionals in Toronto and Vancouver, simply walking down the street was effort enough to deserve a reward.

A delicious, ice-cold Starbucks reward.


Starbucks is celebrating Work BFFs, we set up shop in the downtown core of two of our country’s largest cities. Then, we began handing out free bottles of Starbucks Iced Bottled Coffee to young professionals on the way to work, and later on their lunch breaks.

And it turns out that makes people pretty happy.

In fact, the only thing that made them happier than having a free Iced Bottled Coffee in their hands was the chance to win up to 300 bottles for their office. AKA: How to make everyone your Work BFF.

And now it’s our pleasure to reveal those winners. After a fantastic showing on social media, we’re happy to announce the one random winner for each city. But, let’s face it, if you entered the contest, you already won – ‘cause you were on the streets sipping Starbucks with us.

Stay tuned for more great Starbucks fuelled content and for now, help us to congratulate the #SBuxWorkBFF contest winners!

Toronto: Kristy (@KristyQ) – RUBICON PROJECT

Vancouver: Kim-Ee (@Kurasune) – Payfirma