Men are Dyeing their Hair Bright Merman Hues for the Summer 

Move over man-bun, it’s now all about the merman hair on men.

The ladies have been swapping the traditional summer highlights for shades of mermaid blue and other vibrant hues for some time now – and now the guys have jumped on board.

Not only have guys taken to the bright blue, green, and purple dye when it comes to their heads, but their beards as well – sometimes opting for a variety of colour.

What does this mean for you? Love it or hate it, expect to see more blue-haired, purple-bearded, man-bun-donning men running rampant at your next summer music festival.

This rainbow-filled fad also comes just in time for both London and Toronto Pride this weekend – whether you’re gay or straight.

One thing’s for sure – the colours definitely photograph well (and these days, that’s all that matters, right?).

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