Viral Video ‘Sparks’ Transport Canada Investigation

When it comes to drones and explosives, it’s all fun and games until Transport Canada gets wind of it.

Perhaps you’ve seen the popular online video of two ‘brave’ shirtless men dodging exploding shells from a drone mounted with roman candles as they run down the frozen Ottawa River.

I mean, since it was uploaded to YouTube on March 5, it’s been viewed more than one million times. And I have to admit, it’s pretty impressive. Andy Stewart controlled the drone from the shore of a bay and attached a camera to document his brother and friend trying to dodge the sparks.

At one point, his brother is even hit in the back.

Despite its entertainment value, however, it turns out Transport Canada wasn’t too amused, and has since launched an investigation into the stunt, telling CBC news that it’s “extremely dangerous” for an unmanned aerial vehicle to carry pyrotechnics or explosives.

Um, who knew(?).

Furthermore, according to a statement from Transport Canada, “…Transport Canada’s safety guidelines for recreational users stipulate they should stay at least nine kilometres away from aerodrome, such as the Constance Lake water aerodrome, and from built-up areas, including homes and cottages.”

Stewart said he likes making extreme videos but never imagine it would catch the attention of Transport Canada, and claims they were just having fun.

In their defence, the video does warn not to try the stunt at home. An investigation is pending.